Gem Estate Management (Gem) is dedicated to looking after the communal affairs of blocks of flats or estates where a Residents Association or a Management Company has been formed. The Service is comprehensive and designed to leave the Developer or Resident Director in control but without the day to day responsibilities involved in running a Limited Company.

Representatives from Gem have regular evening meetings all over the UK. The willingness to travel such distances, and at unsociable hours, underlines the commitment and dedication Gem has in providing a first class service to all its clients.

Gem manages the communal affairs on a wide range of different developments, regardless of size or location. These combinations include flats, houses, maisonettes and age dependent homes. Developments range from the simplest to the complexity of those with underground car parks, health suites and caretakers. A professional and competent team at Gem ensures that the requirements of all of these developments are met on a daily basis.


Gem Service - General

Established Nationwide
Currently, Gem look after over a wide variety of Residential Management Companies located all over the UK. Gem serves Directors of Resident's Companies be they Residents or Developers.

Evening Meetings
Representatives from Gem have regular evening meetings with Resident Directors and Annual General Meetings with resident Members, usually on weekday evenings.

Tight Control of Expenses
Gem takes a very close interest in the level of expenditure incurred for cleaning, gardening, Buildings Insurance, Accountancy and major periodic expenses, such as external redecoration. Strict cost control keeps Maintenance Charges down.

Peace of Mind
A well run Residents Management Company ensures the communal affairs are sensibly controlled, providing a pleasant environment and maintaining property value at reasonable cost.



Tight Control of Maintenance Charge Arrears
Gem has an established and effective procedure for the collection of outstanding service charges. Gem use a debt recovery agency, specialised in low cost recovery of service charge arrears.

If in Doubt - Ask
Gem's team provides a resource of experience and expertise enabling the provision of guidance in depth. Gem makes no additional charge for the advice to the Developer or Resident Director, since advice given early on can save a lot of time at a later date.

Responsibilities of Directors
When Gem are managing a Company prior to handover to residential control meetings are held for all Residents to explain the implications and responsibilities for future Resident Directors, as well as providing guidance notes and leaflets.

Decision Making
Gem advises, Directors decide. Gem then implement. Ultimate Control remains with the Resident Directors. Gem just lightens the load.


Gem Service - Operational

Insurance Protection
Gem itself has material Professional Indemnity Insurance. The provision of any insurance services or advice requires Gem to be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. To be registered requires Gem to have specified staff trained, monitored and audited. Gem work with a major UK insurer in this respect.

Accounts and Accountants
There are requirements under Companies Act to file Accounts at Companies House, there are also certain reporting requirements under Landlord and Tenant Act. Gem work closely in providing information to a number of accountants, that as a result of their format keep accountants costs to a minimum.

Gem have a tiered fee structure linked to the number of properties in a Management Company. Their fees are a percentage of the Service Charge, and as service charges are set by Directors they effectually set Gem's fee.



Direct Debit & Credit Card payment
All residents have the option to pay by either Direct Debit, debit card or credit card. Payment by Direct Debit may require the Management Company Directors to approve a relaxation in the terms of the lease or transfer.

Health and Safety
Current legislation requires all Limited Companies, including Management Companies, to undertake Annual Health and Safety inspections. Gem work closely with a specialist provider of such services to ensure that there is no risk to residents or the public on developments.

Solicitors Enquiries
At the time of sale, solicitors should liaise with the Residential Management Company. Such enquiries are normally routine in nature but requests are often made which demand expert knowledge on the part of the Management Company, if potentially very serious mistakes are to be avoided. Gem offers a complete and comprehensive service in this respect.


Gem Advantages

  • Professional integrity
  • Professional substance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Economies of scale
  • Tight control of fundamental expenses
  • All embracing service at a standard cost
  • Regular meetings with resident directors
    (with regular distribution of information to residents)
  • Insurance protection schemes for both residents and resident directors
  • Tested Working relationships with
    • - The Bank
    • - Accountants
    • - Insurers
    • - Health & Safety experts
    • - Specialist Property Debt Collections
  • Peace of mind
  • Unique services/facilities
  • National client base

Developers Information

What's the cost of Gem's service
to the Developer?
Gem's Service to the Developer is FREE of charge and always has been. Gem's fees are derived from the Service Charge and normal management activity. For more information contact Gem Estate Management.

Gem will become involved in developments to a degree and to a timetable according to the wishes of individual developers.

The areas where Gem are prepared to be involved include:

  • To hand-over control of the Management Company once the Development is completed
  • To advising on management company structure, if required
  • To call and chair regular residents' meetings, resulting in better informed residents
  • To advise on service charges
  • To advise on lease terms, if required
  • To deal with all management company enquires


  • To advise on management company activity
  • To insure buildings at low cost
  • To deal with management company administration, including:
    • - Arranging buildings insurance
    • - Arranging maintenance contracts
    • - Advising on Landlord and Tenant law
    • - Advising on company Law
    • - Advising on Health and Safety requirements
    • - Arranging audited accounts
    • - Advising directors
    • - Maintaining records and payment of bills
    • - Collection of service charges
    • - Finding and appointing contractors


Sales Information/Quotations

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Email: mail@gemestate.co.uk


Existing Clients

Maintenance - 01462 480481

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